Thursday, March 5, 2009

SKY exhibits at the NUS Arts Festival 09 (27 Feb to 15 March 09) University Cultural Centre, Singapore

Live feeds of Singaporean and Southern California skyscapes transmitted from urban and natural locations are projected and juxtaposed. The viewer is reminded that land and topography are physically fixed and locationally restricted; yet, landscapes constantly and fluidly relocate due to the earth’s rotation within space. On the other hand, the sky, though fixed, contains skyscapes that relocate within itself. The sky is the endpoint of most emanations such as sound and scent. It is the interface between cosmos and chaos and the point of connection between separated people(s).

Projection of SKY at University Cultural Centre (California on left, Singapore on right)

The suggestive calligraphics of clouds evoke responses that are as much personal figurations as they are literal perceptions. In response, doilies, arch-americana and decorative artifacts of bourgeois interior -design -scapes, are arranged into the Chinese ideogram representing sky, creating a bridge between distant cultures, landscapes and histories as well threading lives, both urban and natural.

SKY at daytime

Singapore/California sunset

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