Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sound Gardeners and Pollinators

Welcome to Sonverbatory!

Sound Gardener responsibilities are as follows:
  1. Add initial bloomscape to Boom Blooms (see links to mp3s below.)
  2. Operation and upkeep of the Boom Blooms. This entails starting the players in the morning, stopping the players in the evening, changing batteries, replacing mp3 players if they malfunction etc...
  3. Pollinator submission management. Each submission should be auditioned to insure that it meets the guidelines below. One submission should be added to no more that six Boom Blooms. The submission mp3s should be added to each Boom Bloom's initial bloomscape. The hope is that, eventually, each bloomscape will grow to several hours of audio.

Pollinator Guidelines (Sound Gardener is free to pollinate as well):
MLuM will post audio samples [by sound category, refer below] on the blog, as a podcast. Students and artists are invited to download and manipulate the samples and then send them back to be added to the Boom Blooms (they may also incorporate sounds gathered from field recordings.) The samples can either be downloaded using the links on the blog, or by subscribing to the podcast using programs such as iTunes or Google Reader. Use the following link to subscribe:
Pollinators are permitted, for purposes of hybidization, to mix categories.

When submitting processed sound samples, please follow the guidelines below:

Audio is to be harmonious and low-grade.

Treat the stereo channels as two independent mono channels.
The right speaker will be located in the bloom and the left speaker in
the pot.

Render the files in mp3-128kb/s format (length between one and ten

File may be delivered via email using a service such as (mp3s sent as attachments will not be accepted)
Contributors may also email us links to their audio files.

Propulsive, Expulsive, Indistinct, Fricative, Percussive, Oral

Links to initial bloomscapes
One mp3 per Boom Bloom.
Boom Bloom 1 (propulsive)

Happy sound planting!

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